Friday, June 13, 2008

Wasteful Consumerism

Well hello!

It's high time I break this blog into categories.

This will be the one in which I discuss one of the things that annoys me most: the marketing of products we don't need and/or could easily, and better, make ourselves.

Exhibit A, the pre-cut, instructions included, cardboard Lemonade/Advice Stand:

What I find especially heinous about this is that a lemonade stand is something that is easily built out of a box. The kind of box that turns up in my own garage from time to time.

Not to mention that this imagination-killing, prefab piece of crap is being marketed on a couple of "green" products websites. What is the carbon footprint of shipping this baby? Because it comes from recycled cardboard, it's considered Green With a Capital G?

What the heck is wrong with using a box you already have? I'm sorry, but the awesomest part of a lemonade stand is when kids build it themselves. Plus, it doesn't cost $60 + shipping & handling (palm tree sold separately).

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