Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm Caught in the Grip of the City, Madness

Lately things are getting scary at work.

I really enjoy my little piece of this company. It even looks like I will be on the receiving end of a promotion shortly. However! My gut says GET OUT. NOW. WHILE YOU STILL CAN. People are "finding new jobs" in droves, and it's like, the last one to leave the building, could you please turn off the lights? There are managers, in my department, who are hosting resume workshops for their direct reports. Nothing says Your Job Is Not Guaranteed like your manager helping you get your resume up to date.

Change is scary. But is it scarier to wait until you're told that your specific function is unnecessary, or to go out now, and find something new? And should I wait until I have that fancy new title before I throw my hat in the ring, or should I do it NOW. WHILE I STILL CAN???

In short, eep!

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