Monday, June 09, 2008

First Goal Achieved!

Those of you who've known me long know that I've struggled with my weight all my life. I remember being called fat in daycare, which means I would have been about 10 or so, at the most. I go through periods where I want to deal with it, and periods where I want to pretend it's not an issue. The former turns me into an obsessive freak, which leads to the latter, and that is even worse for my health than being an obsessive freak.

Since losing my mom, and then having Tiny Giant Two (I'm reconsidering his pseudonym; his acrobatic skills make me want to rename him The Amazing so-and-so, I just haven't come up with the so-and-so yet), I've been examining what healthy means. I decided about a year ago that I really wanted to be around for longer than my mom was, and for me, that means I've got to get to a normal weight. I could talk all day long about fat acceptance, or my (low) cholesterol and blood pressure, but I'd be lying to you and to myself. So, on my own, I did some research, bought a couple books (namely YOU! On a Diet and The Beck Diet Solution), didn't read them cover to cover, but still lost a few pounds, and decided I needed more than my own self-control to keep going.

I joined weight watchers at the end of April, and so far, including the weight I lost on my own, I'm now down 25 lbs from my post-delivery weight with the 2nd child (probably goes without saying that it was my all-time high).

The best part is that I'm already discovering that some of my nasty food habits (eating in front of the t.v., anyone?) have morphed or gone away! I'm always critical of the prepackaged diets, i.e. Jenny Craig, for the simple fact that they're unsustainable. I need to permanently change what I put in my body, or else I risk failing again. I'm encouraged that I already have a better perspective on how much food my body needs (key word!), and that I caught myself picking up my knitting while we watched a movie the other night. Go me!

P.s. They're right: track what you eat, and you WILL lose weight.

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