Friday, June 27, 2008

Just Wondering

Do any of you know how in god's name I ended up with such a skinny kid?

Dude is tall as hell but i just bought him a new set of swim trunks (size 8) and while they're sufficiently above-knee, even tied as tight as they go, they slide down his wee waist and hips until he's standing there naked.

This just won't do, they frown upon naked 7-year-olds at the pool. Well, the normal ones do, anyway. I guess I'll just have to run back to Costco and grab a pair of 7's.

In other Costco news, while I was standing at the optical counter waiting for my number (96) to be called, a crazy lady appeared out of nowhere, reeking of booze (yay, 4 in the afternoon even!) and barged right in on my turn. She was there to pick up her mother's glasses, and yelled into her cell phone, "Mom, I hate this place, you know I hate Costco. You talk to these assholes." and then shoved the phone in the optician's face. Not the best approach, in my opinion. The optician explained to her that while she wanted to help her, because she didn't have a Costco card, she could not process any transactions for her. Then she grabbed a supervisor and literally used him as a human shield between herself and this batshit. He was great, and in his best "I'm using my calmest voice to make sure the mental patient remains calm too" voice, he said "I'd love to help you because I would like you to stop yelling at me and leave the store, but I just can't process any transactions without a membership card." I thought his honesty was refreshing.

My number was called when all this was happening, and I said to the clerk "see those words on my Costco card? It says 'Costco Family' - that means that I'm going to be nice to you no matter what, because my husband works here." The clerk smiled and sighed, and the supervisor caught my eye and winked.

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