Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Name That Song

If you were a Dead Milkmen fan back in the day, you may remember the song "Takin' Retards to the Zoo." (Sorry Mother-in-Law, I know, but I didn't name the song)

That's NOT what we did yesterday.

We signed up to be chaperones to Fezzik's class field trip to Point Defiance Zoo. We had a blast, for the most part.

One kid had listening problems, and while he was having fun, there were a few panic attacks when he ran on ahead and didn't listen to our threats: STOP! OR I'LL SAY STOP AGAIN!

Other than that, it was hysterical. The beluga whales were cool but sad in their little enclosure. Same with the walruses. The Sumatran tiger was curled up just like our Charlie cat, and I wanted badly to jump in and scratch her on her chin. Had to lead by example, though, and not. Marius was actually a very great kid - we put him in charge of the map, and he not only loved it, he was good at it too. My dear little Nik was cuter than a bug's ear. Why couldn't I have had freckles like his? Mohammed made up stories (read: lies) all day about the bears who eat mushrooms in his backyard, the Forest, and the time he jumped into a cage with a snake. Ok, interesting.

What was MY favorite part of the day, you ask? Why, of course it was sitting down at the end of the trip, talking to the kiddoes about thier favorite parts of the zoo. Why did I think they'd tell me about the animals they liked?

Nik: I want to go last!
Me: Ok, what about you Mohammed?
Mohammed: I liked the wolves, they're just like the ones in my back yard in the forest.
Me: Ohhhkaaaaayyyyyyy...Marius?
Marius: I liked the red wolves too, and their skulls.
Me: Cool! Fezzik?
Fezzik: The eagles, and the aardvark, and the owls, and the raven, and the sharks.
Me: Wow, that's a lot. What about you, Nik? It's your turn now.
Nik: I liked the bathroom. When we pooped.
Mohammed: Me too, I liked the elephant butts when they were pooping.
Me: My work here is done. Let's go meet the bus.

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