Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Preciousssssssssss

I love these stainless steel bottles from EarthLust. We just shelled out half our grocery budget at Kir De Vries on 3 of these pretties. Aren't they gorgeous? So much better than the same old SIGG bottle!

Fezzik has claimed the owl bottle for his school lunches.

The Amazing So and So has already gummed up the shell bottle.

Lawnboy and I are in negotiations over the crow bottle. I foresee another purchase in the near future, as I just don't do backwash. I like my own bottle. Can't you just see Lawnboy with a tree bottle? Me too.

I went to fill the crow bottle up last night and found a tiny pinhole in it, so I won't be using it any time soon. The shop we bought them from was fantastic, though, and is popping a replacement in the mail tout suite, along with a few free sport lids for our inconvenience!

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Kristen said...

you are the bomb ;-) I LOVE your post aren't these bottles the best? I send my two youngest boys to school everyday with these in their lunch!! I also posted a blog post about healthy ways to clean them with vinegar .
Kristen (from Kir Devries)