Sunday, September 07, 2008

Glorious Music

It's Sunday. But you know, I don't do the whole "god" thing.

We keep the t.v. off on Sundays, (obviously) not for religious reasons, but to keep our brains unencumbered and have a peaceful day. We usually listen to NPR until Garrison Keillor hits the air, then lunge for the dial and switch to CD's for the rest of the day.

Those CD's have turned into a time-capsule soundtrack to our lives. Here's one song that defines our Sundays this year. Enjoy, this song is so good it can make me cry.

Today it's making me cry because my dad's best friend Pat had another heart attack last night and is in the CCU. He married my mom's best friend Tyera, and my heart goes out to both of them. If there is any afterlife, my mom is watching over them right now and wishing Pat health and Tyera strength.

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