Thursday, September 04, 2008

It'll Be Between You, Me and the Cats

Last night, after the boys were snug in their beds. I flipped on the t.v.

Lawnboy came out to the living room and said to me "What in the hell are you watching?"

"ANTM, why?"

"WHY? Why do you watch this crap?"

"It's not crap, it's CAMP, honey. I can't not watch it, it's great. You just can't take it seriously."

"People take it seriously?"

"I dunno. You want I should be watching the Republican National Convention?"

"Point well taken. Want me to pop us some popcorn?"


Anna said...

We're fighting over the remote over here. Project Runway or RNC?! Future politician (and expert ranter) in the house keeps it lively. He swears it's keeping tabs on the enemy. I just want 20 minutes of mindlessness before bed.

Stacie said...

well....i clearly don't wantch enough TV because I don't have the foggiest clue what ANTM is?

JR said...

I already know who I'm voting for so I have no problem watching ANTM or Project Runway. Politics make me angry, Heidi Klum does not.