Saturday, October 18, 2008


Overheard at the playground this morning:

Mom 1: You're a shining example. A single mom, with two kids, and no job, yet your kids are still dressed to the nines.
Mom 2: It isn't easy, but I do try to dress them really well. Nordstrom, Baby Gap, you know.
Mom 1: You do a great job of it.

Me (in my head): what does that make me? I'm a married mom, with two kids and a great job. Even so, my kids' wardrobes are about 75% thrifted. Right, that makes me smart.


Anna said...

Yeah, a shining example of unnecessary consumerism!

Oh, I'm sorry, was that rude? I'd be more impressed to find out she limited tv and read to her kids everyday, actually

kath said...

Or fed them vegetables every now and then.

Anna said...

Or had them all ride to school together on a giant bicycle...