Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sissy's Birthday

My sister recently unearthed my mother's collection of antique beaded and mesh purses. They were weird to me when my mom was collecting them, but now that she's gone, they're one more thing I have around my house that remind me of her and fill me with good memories.

So, we divided them up among us, and she asked me for some kind of vintage-y display rack for her birthday, to show them off at her house. Mine are boxed up awaiting the right house to display them, and also waiting for my boys to get old enough to trust around them. I don't think the purses would win in a light-saber-vs.-mesh-purse battle. I'm just sayin'.

She found some cute racks at Anthropologie, but they looked mass-produced and, well, common. I thought she and the purses deserved more.

So I got her these.

From here. Aren't they cool? They kind of remind me of coral, but they're really tree branches. Muahahahahaha, it's all a part of my Eeeevil Plan to decorate the world in a woodland theme. For Christmas, she's getting a dead deer. Or something taxidermed.

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Anna said...

Or one of those freaky etsy dogs from your earlier post...