Monday, October 13, 2008

Actual Conversation With My 89-Year-Old Grandma

I love my grandma. This will scratch at the surface of how cute she is. [By the way, she's a died-in-the-wool republican; I try not to hold it against her.]

Me: So, Gram, who are you voting for this year?
Gram: Well, I just don't know.
Me: What do you think?
Gram: I think I like O-bah-na [sic]
Me: Yeah? Me too.
Gram: I heard O-banna is a Hindu.
Me: I'm pretty sure he's a Christian, Grandma. [in my head, I'm screaming: NOT THAT IT MATTERS]
Gram: Oh really? I heard he was one of those Muslim.
Me: No, he has been a member of a Christian church in Chicago for years.
Gram: Oh, that's good. I really don't like that MacLaine, though. I just can't stand that MacLaine.
Me: Yeah, me neither. I don't like that MacLaine...

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Joan said...

Nice! At least your conversation didn't want to make you bash your head against a wall!! One person I know (no naming names here) thinks that if Obama is elected there will be a black uprising and all the black people will make white people their slaves - and yes, they are serious.

Another, thinks that black people are nice and all, but definately not smart enought to be the president. Everybody knows that blacks aren't as smart as whites, right? And to prove it she mentioned that in the NFL all the quarterbacks are white, so that proves it because the quarterback is the smartest one.

Interesting how people can go about thinking that racism isn't an issue in our society......