Friday, October 03, 2008

La Cuisine

The kitchen is coming along swimmingly. Especially when you consider that the labor is free.

That said, all cabinets are installed. The recycled slate countertop option didn't pan out (more on that next week), so I've been trying my best to find an acceptable substitute.

My dad's realtor was generous enough to give us her wholesale secret code, so when we went to the special tile store, we said a magic word and POOF!, everything was discounted by 25%. I found some porcelain tile that isn't my first choice, but the price is right, it's available for pickup today, and I'll have a working kitchen soon. So I DO NOT CARE if it's not slate. Or recycled. Or an old chalkboard.

The in-laws are behaving quite nicely, I must say. No complaints other than that I have to wear clothes to and from the bathroom whether I want to or not. Oh well.

Sunday is the day I should have a workable kitchen, then in the next 2 weeks, everything will be exactly in place as planned. YIPPEE!!!

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