Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Week of Adventure

After the weekend, we're heading over to the Olympic National Forest for a week-long respite. Fezzik starts at his new school on September 2nd, and we all need a break before we're ready for it. Our big plans for the week include sitting on logs and staring into the forest in honor of our friend Josh, "hiking" (for how well can we hike with an 18 month old in tow, one who started his independent stage early and refuses to be carried anymore), and splashing in the ocean and the hot springs.

School clothes: check
School supplies: check
Appointment for pre- school year/return to work massage: check!
Mental preparedness: in progress

This weekend is sopposed to be relaxing. ...right. Among other things, we're shopping for our camping trip (we're out of marshmallows!), cooking my dad (and his girlfriend, my grandma, and great aunt) a belated birthday dinner, making a batch of soap (BY GOD), finding someone to watch the chickies (have an offer from a friend, think we'll take her up on that), and putting together the last minute school supplies and such. I forgot to mention a possible sleepover tonight, and if that doesn't happen, a definite play date, and we're going to a matinee of THE CLONE WARS.

I was talking about this schedule with a friend last night, and she said "wow, that's a lot. I wouldn't want to live if I had that much to do." How cute, I thought. She's so not ready to have kids. Sorry Jess - but it's true! And I am slightly jealous of your plans for the weekend. Lazing about sounds deeeeelicous! But I have consequences if I do that, so enjoy it now, while you still can!

So here's a quick note to let you know we're not bringing the laptop on our vacation, so please stand by for pictures of our vacation, which will be posted after we return.

Photo from Sol Duc Resort

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