Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fantasy # 412

I just looked at Fezzik's School Year Calendar for 2008/2009. I zoomed immediately to his vacation dates, so that I can make sure a)I have enough time off to cover his breaks without a babysitter, and b)(more importantly) we can schedule vacations and have fun as a family!

I think my plan for mid-winter break is especially brilliant this year. I haven't broken the news to Lawnboy yet, but I think we need to blow our tax refund on a trip to HAWAII.

There, I said it. Honey? Can we? Pleeeeeease? Because as you well know, the more sun you expose me to in February, the less medication I need the rest of the year. Seriously.

1 comment:

Nicole Miller said...

I hope you DO make this fantasy come true...! Cliff & I keep postponing our vacations, including our frickin' honeymoon, which is set for 2010 or so now...