Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lazy Sundays

Just kidding. I don't get to have those anymore.

Today we were up at 5 because of the flash of light and the KABOOM right outside our window. Then the rain started, and quickly stopped. I was reminded why I can never, ever live in Vermont. I hate muggy weather!

Then I tried semi successfully to get Fezzik to clean his disastrous room. Lawnboy came home, and brought his patience with him - we're so balanced, me with the "DO IT RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME I WILL GIVE YOUR TOYS TO CHARITY," and Lawnboy with the "It's really important to us that you clean your room. How can we help you get it done today?" His way wins, hands down. I suck at motivational speeches.

The Amazing So and So helped me grocery shop for the potluck this afternoon, and we were off to the Wild and Wacky at Josh's parents' house. Boy, do I love those people. I know I only get to see their good sides, but for a huge family, there is no tension, everybody genuinely cares about everyone else, and we feel so welcome with them. Not in the least because although we only see them once or twice a year, every single one of them remembers us, our names, and our kids names. So, thank you Josh, for having an awesome family and letting us be a part of its extension! I wish that your folks (or any one of your aunts) could officially adopt us!!! How many times can I say that without creeping you out? We'll see.

Updates on the chickens: they're messy and they eat gardens. We haven't had time to fence them off yet into their own run, so they're very free range at this point. Lawnboy finished making the coop functional - it's ugly as hell but we can fix that sometime. Priority one is to get the coop moved (it's a heavy sucka) into its permanent location, and two is to fence it off into their own little chicken run. Should happen this week, especially if we want to keep what's left of the veggies in the garden. They haven't touched the ripe fruits - the 7 cucumbers and the crookneck squash are all intact (and now on my kitchen counter), but they've pecked the hell out of the lettuce and the kohlrabi seedlings are officially toast. Oh well, I hope they're worth it. They haven't graced us with any more eggs yet, or at least not in places where we could find them. Should be much easier to know if and when they lay once we have them all fenced off.

Ta for now!

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Stacie said...

ummm...glad to see that you are all feeling better!