Monday, July 28, 2008

Soap Opera

Those of you who know me (probably) know I used to make soap. I loved it. That's not entirely true, because making soap is a pain in the ass. I like a couple things about it - namely the creative process of coming up with a new scent or emmolient blend, and most of all, the end result. Hand-made soap is so mild and our skin thanks us for using it.

Life has been in the way of our soapmaking adventures for the past few years now. I used to sell it to Lawnboy's cousin, who owns an herb shop in Montana (our aloe & tea tree soap had a standing order with one of her customers, they claimed it was the only soap that helped their psoriasis). But, I got lazy (I call it busy), and Solsitce Soap kind of dropped off the face of the earth. I haven't even made any for our own personal use in this time.

This period of laziness is over. Lawnboy came home from work yesterday and said "Let's sell our soap again. You be the creative and marketing departments, I'll be the manufacturing and distribution departments."

We're going to spend the next month building up an inventory of different soaps, and also SETTING UP OUR ETSY STORE. There, I said it. I already have some ideas for the shop, and mark my words: two months from now, at most, you'll see a link here to our brand spanking new Etsy store, where you'll be able to choose from at least 10 different soaps. All of which will have been made, and will be shipped the day after it's ordered.

More to come.

And, if you have a favorite scent or a particular skin problem we can try to solve through soap, feel free to leave it in my comments.


Anna said...

Yay! Sign me up for a bimonthly order, please! Something lavender for the Small Person's bath, something grapefruit for mine, and something tea tree for hands. So exciting!

jessica said...

dude, how's it going with Soapery?