Monday, July 21, 2008

Dragon Arms

I dragged my boys to the Mediterranean Festival this weekend, at which I was to spend $200 of my boss/friend's money on belly dancing accoutrements.

Success! I came within $3 of her limit, and I totally scored.

The list of items acquired:
  • 1 BEAUTIFUL silk veil - hand painted in copper, dark rose and dark brown/copper tones
  • 1 jewel-toned paisley handkerchief-hem wrap skirt- knee length, reversible to a pretty floral print
  • 1 AMAZING hip scarf with v v v v v pattern coins, very jingly, gold coins, and coppery tie-dyed fabric
  • 1 copper-coin belt with u-shaped coin lengths
  • 1 matching copper anklet
  • 1 pretty burgundy petal skirt

Also, Fezzik came away with a sweet henna dragon on his arm. He walked around SO PROUD of that thing all day. We went back in the late day, and he found the artist who had painted his dragon earlier, and said to her "See? It turned out GREAT! And did you notice? My arm is really a lot stronger now!" He held up his other, weak arm for comparison.

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