Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The First Shoe Dropped

I've spent the last month agressively chewing my fingernails for nothing, apparently. My forehead (and now chin) can return to their normal, unblemished state, thank you very much. I can get a decent night's sleep, finally.

You see, I was not laid off today.

Phew, I think.

I was really upset about the handful of people I know who were. Some of which had great passion for what we do. Others of which have families to feed, clothe and shelter. I'm sick about that, actually. I think the bad skin is here to stay for a while.

It was so weird sitting at my desk receiving the IM's from other friends who "made it through" - "Are you ok?" How do I respond to that question? Honesty wasn't the best policy here. I'm glad I was able to maintain my composure enough to say "I'm ok, and I'm glad you're still here."

I used to work for a company that put its people first. Not so much, anymore. We were told to "stay focused" today. We did, on our shock.

Don't tell anyone, but I cracked open the flask I keep in my bottom drawer. It was there in case of emergency.

I feel like this is melodramatic, but it was quite a big deal to me today. If you've been paying attention, you realize that my job is not my life, but the thing is, I do need it. And I'm freaked out about the alternative.

Sweet dreams.


Stacie said...

okay, so I am a copycat...but I have finally figured it out. I really enjoy reading other people's blogs, especially if they are interesting, which yours are, so if I post more, then people will have enjoyment from reading mine, and thus....yeah!

Plus, I have to give adsense something to work with, don't I?

Anna said...

Phew! Maybe you can breathe, now? I highly recommend a drink right about now, too.