Friday, July 11, 2008

The Excitement Never Ends

This morning, after Fezzik's alarm went off, he came in to snuggle up with us. As all four of us lay there in varying states of waking up, Charlie the cat came prancing into our room.

I happened to be sitting up, trying to get up the motivation to get out of bed. I saw Chuck first, and he appeared to be carrying a small, furry animal in his mouth.

I said "Um, Charlie has something gross in his mouth." Lawnboy jumped a bit when I said that, and looked over at him and said "It's another damn mole!"

What the heck?

We're considering hiring him out for mole eradication services.

Gross, though, that he was showing off to us in our BEDROOM. These are the times when I'm most glad I married Lawnboy. Because I love it when he takes care of removing all the dead mammals from our home.

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