Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Ice Age

Woke up this morning, on the hottest day in 9 months, to a wee baby with a 101 degree fever.

It's rough trying to work from home when you have a 2-year-old, hot, sweaty kid wanting to be held all day. I am not one to say no to holding my sick baby, either. The not-wearing-pants part is a great benefit on a day like today, 90 degrees in the shade (83 by my laptop...).

So, instead of 8 contiguous hours, I get to break my workday up into little chunks, and work 12 broken up hours.

To tell you the absolute truth, I would much rather have been in the office today, where there is air conditioning. I am a WIMP! When the mercury climbs above 78 I start melting.

We've worked out a complicated compromised schedule for tomorrow, one where Lawnboy gets up even earlier than normal, and I start the day like normal, but come back after dropping off Fezzik at school, and dropping of Tiny Viking the Contagious with his dad before I head to work. Phew!

But air conditioning? Here I come. And I may not wear pants tomorrow either. I'm just warning you.

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Anna said...

Sheesh, we got the nasty greys around here. Stupid global warming!