Monday, April 20, 2009

Newest Member of the Household

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you CASSIOPEIA, the cutest house rabbit you've ever seen. In your lives. Warning: these pictures may cause you to die of cuteness. She's CUTE, I tell you!


Are you still alive? Really? You didn't die from the cuteness? Huh.

We're going to call her Cassie for short. Why Cassiopeia? 1. Because it's my favorite constellation, 2. Because getting her was my idea, and therefore naming her is my right, and 3. Because all mammal pets in our house must, apparently, have a name that starts with the letter "c."

The intent was to go to the Humane Society with my friends Jessica and Kate and procure a timeshare rabbit, but they chickened out. This little baby is ALL MINE.

She appears to be a rex, with the short, short, velveteen fur that I'm so fond of. If she were longer-furred, I'd consider spinning the fur and making angora socks, but that's a little while down the road for me. She's 6 months old, and has been hand raised, and loves to be held and petted.

Oh my god, y'all, she's so cute. I'm going to go play with her now, and really, how could you blame me???


Karbear said...

watch your electric wires, they like to chomp on them. zzzzt.

Beesley said...

she is sooooooooooo cute! I'm coming over for bunny-snugglin' soon!

Anna said...

OMG. I can't decide if this is genius or insanity. Mad science? Cassie, is incredibly cute, however, so I don't blame you a bit. Yay for fuzzy mammals!

kath said...

It's madness, for sure.
Madness isn't always bad (is it?!).