Thursday, July 20, 2006

Libraries Rule

After taking a tour of the new-ish Seattle Public Library today, with an official tour guide, my fantasies of becoming a librarian were definitely fueled.

Seriously, it's time to get my arse back in school. Now, to figure out how to fund the endeavor. Donations can be made to our BECU checking account...

Scarlet and I have a plan to gain our MLS degrees (that's masters' library science, not to be confused with the real estate tool) whilst starting/running our extremely successful cooperative urban organic farm, a la those wacky Path To Freedom folks in Pasadena.

The question remains, once we have the UOF running, will we have time/the desire to acquire the schooling? As Fezzik is fond of saying, pro'lly not. And anyway, I did mention these were fantasies, remember? Sigh...The view sure looks great from here.

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