Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hello, Newness!

This is where I plan to chronicle the tribulations of my Jeopardy! audition as well as update y'all on the latest and greatest craft I'm obsessing about right this minute. Most importantly the Funny FezzikStories will go here as often as I can remember to post them.

Audition scheduled for November 6th 2005, 11:30 am
Currently not cramming, but am forming big plans for flashcards and having coworkers quiz me in the form of answer/question response. Should I get a highlighter pen and practice buzzering, a la Ken Jennings? I just don't know yet.

Lessee, right now it's all about canning - putting it by for the winter, like a squirrel. Only with fruit, veg, jars and boiling water instead of nuts and a hole in a tree. I feel a slight pull towards the knitting WIP's, but it's not cold enough yet.

Funny Fezzik Story:
Not a funny Fezzik story per se, but more a REAL STORY as dictated to his preschool teacher!

As told by Fezzik on September 15 2005
Well, Rocky was scared when Buzz Lightyear was at school and Rocky was still at home. Rocky acted like he was sick. I had to sleep with him. I had to put a needle in his tummy and all the other parts of his body that was not blood pressure good. Well, he was still sick. I still had to make him feel better. I had to bring him to school and then he would do better because he would see Buzz again. The end.

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